What does a Montana LLC do for you?

What does a Montana LLC do for you?  Two words: asset protection.

While protecting your assets in the “Wild West” may seem counter-intuitive, Montana is a gold mine for securing not only valuable personal property, but also yourself. In a previous post we outlined the step-by-step process for registering your vehicles, boats, or aircraft through a Montana LLC in order to avoid your home state’s high sales tax and licensing fees. As mentioned, the financial benefits of a tax-free Montana vehicle registration are substantial in themselves—but they are hardly the only benefits.

In the age of online social sharing and being constantly ‘linked in,’ establishing a Montana LLC through Heggen law Office is the perfect solution for maintaining the privacy of your personal information. While the process does require a few names and addresses, this information is securely handled and used only by our office for the purpose of processing your paperwork. Once this is complete, your personal information is filed away and you can begin transferring or registering all chosen assets to your new Montana LLC. With your Montana entity acting as the technical owner to your luxury vehicles, you’re in a position to have your cake and eat it too, with your names and personal information fully protected.

Say, for example, you unintentionally cut off that Subaru WRX riding everyone’s bumper down the interstate. Though most titled vehicles are simply public record and therefore easily searchable, the angry boy taking your license plate behind you will only get as far as your Montana corporation. While this boy may be able to track your license plate to your LLC, he will find it very difficult to come up with any actual names or personal information.

This is because after filing a Montana LLC, the Secretary of State only releases a few key pieces of information: your registered agent and office address, your primary business address, and the name of your LLC. At Heggen Law Office, we ensure an extra layer of protection by using our own commercial business address as your LLC’s primary address and filing ourselves as the LLC manager in your entity’s articles of organization. This way, all personal information such as names or addresses remains fully confidential. In order to actually get a hold of your personal information, said boy would have to go as far as subpoenaing our office. By this point, said boy has most likely moved on to annoy another traveler.

Beyond protecting your name and checkbook, a Montana LLC can also be useful when navigating the world of credit. For instance, when applying for phones, homes, credit, or other loans, you often authorize an asset search in addition to a simple credit check. By filing your Montana LLC as the owner of your assets, you may be able to avoid unforeseen consequences of these asset searches by not owning your luxury vehicles, boats, or aircraft out-rightly. Instead, your Montana LLC assumes the risk while maintaining your confidentiality.

If you have any interest in asset protection and privacy through a Montana LLC, call our office to speak with our knowledgeable staff. Together, we have over 40 years of experience with Montana LLC law and tax free Montana vehicle registration. Explore our blog and FAQ’s page to learn more about the cost-saving benefits of a Montana LLC.