Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration

Avoid sales tax and high licensing fees

Vehicle Registration

Avoid sales tax and high licensing fees

As a non-resident of Montana, you may be able to avoid paying sales tax, personal property tax and high licensing fees upon the purchase of your new high-performance car, boat, airplane or RV.  A simple legal procedure is involved which, in most cases, helps clients save a great deal of money on taxes and licensing fees through creating a Montana LLC and then proceeding with Montana vehicle registration or Montana RV registration within the legal bounds of a Montana LLC.  Let us help you take advantage of Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration.

Benefits of Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration and Montana RV Registration:

  • No sales tax in Montana
  • Low licensing fees
  • No personal property tax
  • One-time flat fee registration for all vehicles over 11 years old
  • No annual inspections
  • Keep your driver’s license
  • Free consultation with an attorney who has over 19 years of experience

How the process of a Montana LLC Vehicle Registration works

Heggen Law Office, P.C. will assist you with the Montana vehicle registration procedure.  We will assure everything is taken care of and handled with confidentiality and professionalism.  After discussing the legal issues involved in each case, a Montana business entity (LLC or corporation), which is solely owned by the client(s) is established.  The motor vehicle is then assigned or transferred to the entity.  The vehicle is then licensed in Montana with the entity as the registered owner.  The entire procedure can be handled via email, phone, fax or mail.

Is this legal?

You do not need to live in Montana to get this advantage, but don’t depend on fast acting website ‘agent’ claims.  We recommend you contact a professional attorney to review your state’s laws and regulations, including Montana laws, to ensure it is legal. Conditions and laws vary from state to state concerning Tax Free Montana RV registration and Tax Free Montana vehicle registration.

Contact Heggen Law Office, P.C. today for a free consultation with Jared Heggen, a licensed Montana attorney. Client confidentiality is the highest priority for us.

Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration Services

Heggen Law Office, P.C.’s Montana RV and vehicle registration services are designed for you to avoid sales tax and high licensing fees. We are known for sound, trustworthy advice and smart representation. With more than 19 years of experience in this field, we are ready to answer any questions and guide you through this simple process to take advantage of Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration.

  • Counsel with attorney regarding the laws in your state of residence
  • Company formation
  • Vehicle registrations (cars, boats, RVs and more)
  • License plate renewals
  • Your Cars/Trucks will be licensed in a county with NO Option Tax
  • Annual renewal of your Montana LLC
  • Financing referrals
  • Insurance recommendations

Why choose Heggen Law office for your Montana LLC:

  1. We form your Montana LLC without listing your personal information on record with the Montana Secretary of State.
  2. When you hire a law office you have attorney-client confidentiality.  We take confidentiality very seriously and will protect your personal information without charging you more.
  3. Montana Vehicle Registration and Montana LLC’s have been our specialty for over 19 years.
  4. We only have one package and it is the best all-inclusive option out there.  It is structured to provide full protection and full privacy for our clients.
  5. We will never charge you extra for things you do not need.  When we put our package together, we made sure to include everything.  If other companies truly understand how LLC’s work they should not try to charge you more for privacy and asset protection.
  6. Operating agreements, minutes of special meetings and a schedule of assets are always included in your package.  We don’t charge extra!
  7. Every Montana LLC is managed per the clients need.  Whether you want your LLC expedited and filed in 1 hour or if you are ok with our normal process and turnaround of 24 hours we will make sure to get them filed based on your individual need.
  8. Heggen Law Office is located in a commercial building.  We do not run our business out of a residential home like many other registered agents.  As your Registered Agent, you will use our physical and mailing address for your company.

LLC Set Up Fees     

LLC formation:  

$495.00 – Company Setup

1st vehicle Attorney fees:

$500.00 – Attorney fees for first vehicle added to LLC including the Operating Agreement and Minutes of Special Meeting (OA required for all clients)

Secretary of State filing:  

$100.00 – 24 hour filing for your Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State

**Expedited 1 hour filing available for an additional $100.00

Estimated LLC set up fees:  $1095.00 + first vehicle registration

Estimated total out of pocket expense for luxury vehicles:  $1495.00

 [Add ons and additional registrations]

Additional vehicles:  

$250.00 – Tow vehicle Attorney fees

$500.00-  Motorhomes and High end vehicle Attorney fees

Vehicle registration:  

Please call our office for an estimated quote

Motorhome registrations:

$315.00 for Motor Homes less than 2 years old

$255.00 for Motor Homes 2 years and older, but less than 5 years old

$165.00 for Motor Homes 5 years and older, but less than 8 years old        

$130.00 for Motor Homes 8 years or older

$275.00 for Motor Homes 11 years or older (permanent registration)

 Specialty plate:


View specialty plates

Personalized Vanity plate:

$100.00 you can have up to seven characters on a standard plate.  Please provide us with up to five different options in order from your first choice to   your last choice so that we can check the availability at the DMV.

 Annual Registered Agent fee:


Secretary of State Annual Report:




If you are opening a bank account or getting financing on your vehicle you will need to have an EIN.  Please contact our office for the necessary documents and credit card authorization so we can assist you with applying for one with the IRS.  Our office is trained to apply for an EIN so the IRS doesn’t start looking for annual tax filings from your company or raise any red flags with them.

Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration on:  

High-Performance Cars • Classic Cars • Collector Cars • Exotic Cars • Motorhomes • RVs • Fifth Wheel Trailers • Heavy Duty Tow Vehicles • Boats • Airplanes • ATVs • Snowmobiles

Questions? Visit our FAQ’s.