Montana License Plates

Growing up in Montana, my friends and I often played the ‘license plate game;’ a nonsense game in which each time you stop behind an out-of-state vehicle with a particular state slogan (for instance, Idaho plates generally say “famous potatoes” because why not) and if you can correctly yell out the state slogan before anyone […]

Avoid Paying Unnecessary Taxes on Vehicles and Motorhomes | Montana LLC

Taxes have never been a fun topic, which is probably why they are so often a topic of conversation. At Heggen Law Office, taxes are similarly on our mind, for better or worse, especially when it comes to finding ways to save our clients from paying unnecessary taxes on their pricey vehicles and motorhomes with […]

Best RV Parks in the Northwest

Jim and Mary’s RV Resort – Missoula, MT Conveniently located off of I-90 and close to Missoula’s charming downtown, Jim and Mary’s RV Resort has built a name for itself for providing professional, well-managed services and a beautifully landscaped environment. Park reviews boast ornately landscaped flower gardens, ample space for big rigs, and reliable hook-ups. […]

Exploring Montana in an RV

With over 50 state parks, 2 crown jewels of the National Parks System, and nearly 150,000 square miles to explore, it’s no wonder that Montana has become a popular destination for travelers. With Montana’s convenient tax free vehicle registration and overall friendliness to RV and travel trailer owners, it’s also no surprise that RV’ers are […]

Roam, Sweet Roam:  Establishing Legal Residency as a Full-timer

At Heggen Law Office, clients often come to us looking for information about the transition to a full-time RV lifestyle. In many instances, they are curious about where to establish legal residency now that they’ve committed to life on the road. More often than not, our trusted associates recommend three states—Florida, Texas, and South Dakota—as […]

What does a Montana LLC do for you?

What does a Montana LLC do for you?  Two words: asset protection. While protecting your assets in the “Wild West” may seem counter-intuitive, Montana is a gold mine for securing not only valuable personal property, but also yourself. In a previous post we outlined the step-by-step process for registering your vehicles, boats, or aircraft through […]

Tax Free Montana Vehicle Registration:  A step-by-step guide

Most know Montana for its breath-taking scenery and world-class outdoor recreating, but over the years a knowledgeable few have faithfully flocked to the state to take advantage of a different perk: its sales tax free status. In particular, nonresidents have successfully avoided the high sales tax and other licensing fees required by their home states […]

Registered Agent vs. Professional Attorney:  What’s the difference?

A quick internet search of ‘tax free MT vehicle registration’ will return hundreds of thousands of results, providing you with plenty of Montana registered agents to choose from if you’re in the market for a Montana vehicle registration. With so many options, a large part this decision comes down to choosing to do business with […]